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Swedish to English subtitle translation

You need to be native in Swedish and at least fluent in English. I will personally pay for the translation of all subtitles from Swedish to English 200EUR. You will be given text files and you need to translate it very straightforward, no need to watch video/listen audio so just plain text translation.

If you are interested to work with me add me on discord LeonardoS#6452

If this project is successful and I have verified that translations are OK, the translated subtitles will be offered to if they want to include it in their distribution.

EDIT: Offer no longer stands but the project is still ongoing

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Konichiwa, Leonardo-san.

I'm from Sweden, but I'm very good at Swedish! I helped out with proofreading Starzinger's subtitles last year.

I actually thought about translating them to English before I read your request and I even brought it up with Tobias-san and Andreas-san last year, but it's a matter of making the time for it. When do you want the translation done? The best would be to translate directly from Japanese to English, but I don't know Japanese unfortunately.

Here are the characters in 3D for free:

Here are graphics in a vector format for free:

May Japan bless you!

I can help to give the subtitles timecode that we use  =)

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Yes japanese to english would be best actual human translation, but it is not that simple. To hire an actual proper translator would be a project costing several thousand dollars and I dont feel like personally trying to make a campaign to gather the money. If you try to find cheaper people you run a risk of getting screwed over for both money and time, since most of them use google translate anyways but charge you hundreds of dollars(based on my research).

Offer no longer stands, because I think most viable option for now is to simply use google translate. I have lost interest in this idea for now but I have tested the workflow, basically you take Subtitle Edit software  and make sure to remove all </br> tags from the subtitles it can be done easiest from Subtitle Edit then after that is done simply bulk translate using translate API from Subtitle Edit. Most of the subtitles will be surprisingly good, some will be off and will need manual adjustment and very very few will be completely incomprehensible(and for those you can hire actual translator).

In general I think it is better to translate from Swedish to English because they are much closer languages and Swedish is already translated from Japanese I guess. Also it is not just about translation, I noticed a lot of translations are way to literal and especially with some Starzinger translations I found lines are too bulky and hard to read in time so a lot of lines require re interpretation of meaning and context to do a proper translation. Again to hire a proper translator that does this will cost a lot, so I think google translate is good for now works well. Also worth mentioning that in some cases where google translate didnt do a good job, systransoft did or vice versa so its not a bad idea to try several machine translators but in my experiments I found google translate to work the best.

I am not working on the translation for now, what stopped me was realizing that there is a better synced version of subtitles so of Tobias can send me those I might start working on the translation again.

I think getting a very good English translation is important because that will open the doors to translating it to all other languages since everyone knows english.